HDTV - Fascination at it's purest!

High Definition TV is uncomparably more defined, more plastic and more real than the Standard TV we were used to. Whoever watched it once is not willing to do without it any more.

Since BBC HD and ITV HD along with the two German public broadcasting institutions ARD HD and ZDF HD are finally on-the-air it is now high time for the corresponding reception equipment! Already now there are three further German FTA (Free-To-Air) channels available on Astra 19.2°east and in various cable networks, namely Eins Festival HD, Anixe HD and arte HD. Further international HDTV Programs will follow.


If Digital - then go it all the way! Now is the time to proceed into the HDTV-Future!


With a NanoXX HDTV Receiver you will not only enter a new highly defined world of TV, but you will also upgrade your normal "Standard" Television. All NanoXX HDTV Receivers come equipped with an outstanding Upscaling Function, especially designed for HD-Ready and Full-HD Flat Screen TV Sets. Thus, with your NanoXX, even standard resolution programs will become an HDTV experience, when watched on an HDMI connected Flat Screen.

This - among other features - lets NanoXX HDTV Receivers score top marks in comparative tests of various trade magazines.


In addition the so-called USB PVR function allows full digital - and therefore loss-free - recording of all TV programs to an external USB Hard Disc!


Did you ever hear of Timeshift? This is the NanoXX HDTV Receiver's standard!

Please refer to the Product Description to learn more! Or you may want to watch a short Product-Presentation-Movie online. Here you will also learn more about the many useful additional functions of the NanoXX HD Receiver range, like the integrated Mediaplayer for instance. It allows  to play-back MP3 files and simultaneously start a JPG slide-show in order to present  your own photo collection embedded in music of your own choice on a Flat Screen in High Resolution!



Within the Product Category you will find more comprehensive information on all NanoXX products available. The download area provides a variety of supporting documents and software packages.

Please send recommendations and requests for product-enhancement via our homepage FAQ-section.

Note for end-users: all NanoXX products are available at well-assorted specialist shops. Here you will also find thorough assistance regarding questions related to NanoXX-compatability with your individual satellite - or cable system.
Our Telephone Hotline will also be at your disposal - or you may want to use our charge-free callback service.


And now let us fascinate you!


We wish you much joy and success with our products.


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